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3rd & 4th Grade

3rd Grade Focus Areas

Our program uses the following programs to support our curriculum:

  • Becoming an independent reader
  • Planning and writing a five star piece of work
  • Understanding math concepts such as place value, numbers to 120, addition, and subtraction
  • Exploring science topics- plant and animal superpowers, spinning sky and lights and sound
  • Social Emotional Learning (Community Building and Citizenship)
Melissa Seagraves

Ms. Melissa Seagraves

(860) 546-6744
Jennifer Vickers

Mrs. Jennifer Vickers

(860) 546-6744

I have taught many grade levels before coming to Canterbury in 2021, but absolutely love teaching third graders. I enjoy watching children in this age group grow and blossom academically, socially, and emotionally. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, going to the beach, and doing just about anything outdoors. I love the Canterbury community and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the students in this town. 

Rachel Videira

Ms. Rachel Videira

(860) 546-6744
Daniel Burke

Mr. Dan Burke

(860) 546-6744
Special Education

4th Grade Focus Areas

Language Arts : Letter sound knowledge, High frequency words, Pre-reading/reading skills, Pre-writing/writing skills
Math: Recognizing, counting, comparing, and applying numbers, 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional shapes, measurement
Science/Social Studies: Weather, forces of motion (push and pull), needs and wants, responsibilities, community, cultures and traditions
Health: Social/Emotional, safety, hygiene, nutrition/fitness

Elizabeth Huband

Ms. Elizabeth Huband

(860) 546-6744

This is my third year at CES, following five years at DHBMS.  Before that, I worked at a private school for students with special needs.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and traveling.

Shannon Iamarone

Mrs. Shannon Iamarone

(860) 546-6744

The 2022-2023 school year marks my 7th year teaching in Canterbury, my 17th year in 4th grade, and my 24th year overall.  My three kids, husband and I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and working on puzzles.

Alison Wiza

Ms. Alison Wiza

(860) 546-6744

I’ve been teaching fourth grade at CES for 5 years and I love it!  This is my 17th year of teaching. Before becoming a teacher, I performed professionally onstage in musicals and plays.  I’ve lived in Boston and New York City.  I still perform now for fun. Recently I started teaching acting classes for CES and BMS students after school and in the summer!

Daniel Burke

Mr. Dan Burke

(860) 546-6744
Special Education