School Counselor

Mrs. Selena Musumeci

Mrs. Amy Marsalisi / HUGS Program Child Associate

The HUGS program, provided by the State of Connecticut Educational Grant, is focused on school success. The grant is written by the CES principal. It is designed to help select students (grades Pre-K-3) benefit from extra support with transitioning in their school environment. This extra support is fostered through playing and building a relationship with the child associate, Mrs. Marsalisi. The goal of the program is to enhance the social emotional health of children during their school day.
Mrs. Marsalisi  is a trained professional in education. Mrs. Marsalisi collaborates with the school Social Worker to make for a positive and appropriate play environment for children in HUGS. The program facilitates child led play, which provides them with an opportunity to improve their positive feelings toward school.

For further information, contact Amy Marsalisi at CES.