Casey Barron, Lead Bus Driver

860-546-6950 x1221

Anne Michaud, Lead Bus Driver


Please be aware: only Canterbury residents can ride Canterbury School buses. No notes will be accepted for out of town students to ride Canterbury School buses . Thank you for adhering to this. 


Request for Purchase / Lease  Three    71-passenger school buses

Comprehensive Bus Report

revised (2) _ final RFP Bus Lease

Posted Questions and Answers  from RFP Process ( August 9, 2019)

  1.  Canterbury buses use Brown vinyl, not Gray
  2.  There is no need for a diagnostic system in the bus
  3.   There is no need for a yellow winter front on the bus
  4.   Service work will be done in Canterbury at the garage with our own mechanic
  5.   One question is still outstanding: Will Canterbury “lease to own” or will it be a “walk away lease”; BOE to discuss on  August 13, 2019
Bus Routes:

Canterbury Elementary School & Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School Information

2019-20 CES & BMS Morning Bus Run Information

2019-20 CES & BMS Afternoon Bus Run Information

High School Information

2019- 20 CPS High School Morning Bus Run Information

2019- 20 CPS High School Afternoon Bus Run Information



2019 CES & BMS Bus Run Information and Times

CPS High School Bus Run Information and Times


Important Information Specific for High School Students:

High School Transportation Clarification Information for Snow Days/ Delays/ Early Releases