Central Office: (860) 546-6950

Pupil Services: (860) 546-1040

Transportation: FAX(860) 546-9881

Elementary School: (860) 546-6744

Middle School: (860) 546-9421

High School Options

High School Registration Process

Canterbury Public Schools does not have its own High School, so we designate certain High Schools  (see below) for student attendance, and of course you are free to choose to attend any magnet school or technical school. However, please be aware that we only provide transportation to the High Schools listed below. In addition, Canterbury Public Schools will pay tuition to the High School of your choice, provided the following procedure is followed:

  • fill out the High School registration form below
  • fill out Blackboard Alert form below
  • gather your Canterbury residency proof; we require at least 2 of the following: mortgage statement, lease,  utility bill, AND a CT driver’s license with your Canterbury address on it, AND the child’s Birth Certificate
  • bring forms and documentation  to Central Office
  • after the Superintendent approves and signs the registration form, Central Office will fax the document to the sending High School

Please contact if you have any additional questions.

Registration Packet

High School Choices (providing transportation)

  • H.H. Ellis Technical High School
  • Griswold High School (transportation will continue through June 30, 2025)
  • Killingly Regional Vocational Agriculture Center
  • Norwich Free Academy
  • Norwich Technical High School
  • Woodstock Academy

Canterbury will not be responsible for providing transportation to the following choice of high schools:

  • Putnam High School
  • Parish Hill High School
  • Windham Technical High School
  • QMS
  • ACT

College Application Guide