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My focus in the Computer Lab is Keyboarding, Computer Skills, and Integrating Technology in all subject areas. By playing various keyboard games, students should teach their fingers how to keyboard.

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Keyboarding for students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade, Click Here.

Keyboarding for students in Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4, Click Here.

Keyboarding Websites

There are many free websites available for learning keyboarding. Below are some of our favorites. Initially, students find the letters on the keyboard, and then they learn the home row, followed by learning all keys. Remember to keep looking at the monitor.


Students find the letters on the keyboard while listening to letter names or letter sounds with Keyboard Zoo.

Students find the letters, plus much more with Jungle Junior. Click on Jungle Junior and then Scroll down and click on Get Started. Note: students do not have to start at level 1.

Students like to find the letters on the keyboard by using Keyboard Climber.

Students locate the letters on the keyboard when using Typing Rocket Junior.

As students become familiar with the location of the letters and are ready to go faster, they can use Typing Rocket.

Start with lower case letters and unlock higher levels with Jump Keys.

Home Row and Typing Words 

DanceMat is one of my favorite websites for learning how to Keyboard.

Another site students really enjoy is  Typing Club.

Teach your fingers the home row keys without looking at the screen with Keyboarding Kickstart.

Choose to Type Home row keys or more with Keyboard Invasion.

Choose a vehicle and then the level (Home Rome Keys to Words) to join the Car Race.

Type words to save the kits with Beaver Trouble.


User Name and Password required for typing.com

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