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Parent Invitation to Join the Safe School Climate Committee

 The Canterbury Public Schools has a standing committee called the Safe School Climate Committee that oversees the trends of the climates of both schools in the district. The State of Connecticut has established legislation stating “…commencing July 1, 2012, and each school year thereafter, the school shall establish a new committee or designate at least one existing committee that is responsible for developing and fostering a safe school climate and addressing issues related to bullying in the school. The committee must include at least one parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school, appointed by the Principal.”

If you are interested in joining this committee on a routine and participatory basis, please contact me directly at

The Safe School Climate Committee shall:

  1. Receive copies of completed reports following investigations of bullying and teen dating violence;
  2. Identify and address patterns of bullying and teen dating violence among students in the school;
  3. Implement the provisions of the school security and safety plan, (developed pursuant to Section 87 of PA 13-3) regarding the collection, evaluation and reporting of information relating to instances of disturbing or threatening behavior that may not meet the definition of bullying or teen dating violence (defined in Connecticut General Statutes 10-222d) and report such information, as necessary, to the District Safe School Climate Coordinator and to the school´s security and safety committee;
  4. Review and amend school policies relating to bullying and teen dating violence;
  5. Review and make recommendation to the District Safe School Climate Coordinator regarding the District´s Safe Climate Plan based on issues and experiences specific to the school;
  6. Educate students, school employees and parents and guardians of students on issues relating to bullying and teen dating violence;
  7. Collaborate with the District Safe School Climate Coordinator in the collection of data regarding bullying and teen dating violence; and
  8. Perform any other duties as determined by the School Principal that are related to the prevention, identification and response to school bullying and teen dating violence for the school.

Parent members of the Safe School Climate Committee are excluded from activities #1 and #3 or any other activity that may compromise the confidentiality of a student.

The first meeting is anticipated to take place prior to the Thanksgiving week will be scheduled following the receipt of parent participants from both the Canterbury Elementary School and the Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School.


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