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Athletics-Home of the Bulldogs

James Molkenthin

Mr. James Molkenthin

Athletic Director
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Laurie Marquis

Laurie Marquis

Director, Baldwin Booster Club
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Interested in Participating in Athletics at Baldwin?

Please see the Information and Forms page for all forms that are needed to be completed in order to participate in athletic programs.

Baldwin Athletic Offerings

  • Soccer (Girls and Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls and Boys)
  • Cheerleading
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Cross Country (Girls and Boys)

Interested in Volunteering with the Athletic Teams at Baldwin Middle School?

Click below for more info on the parent volunteer process.

BMS Volunteer Information and Forms

Interested in Coaching at Baldwin Middle School?

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Baldwin Middle School athletic program to provide all students the opportunity to participate and grow physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally though participation in interscholastic athletics.

Objectives of Participation in Middle School Athletics

  • Fun for all participants
  • Physical, mental, emotional, social growth
  • Develop specific skills in the sport of choice
  • Learn how to be a part of a team: develop characteristics such as loyalty, cooperation, and sportsmanship

A variety of athletic activities may be offered at Baldwin Middle School, such as but not limited to soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, track, cross country and cheerleading. Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to try out. Selection on a team will be based on level of skill and ability to safely participate. A current physical exam (within the past 12 months) form must be on file in the health office prior to a student trying out or participating in a sport and must remain current throughout the sport season. Students are representatives of Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School and are expected to follow the Code of Conduct whenever and wherever they play. Membership on a team is a privilege and players are expected to set an example.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Student athletes must be in attendance for a minimum of one-half day (3 hours) to participate in games/practices.
  2. Teachers will notify the Athletic Director and/or coach whenever a student athlete’s grade(s) falls below 70% during the marking term.
  3. Student athletes with 2 or more D’s or any F’s (or the equivalent) on their most recent report card or progress report (in any class) will be ineligible to play for a period of up to two weeks, or until they raise their grade(s) to a minimum of 70%. If a student athlete does not raise their average to or above 70% within those two weeks, they will be off the team for the remainder of the season, or until the next formal progress report or report card shows the necessary improvement. The two week trial period will occur only once during each sport. If the student athlete’s grades are maintained, then he/she will be allowed to continue participation in that sport. Grades will be checked on a weekly basis from that point on to determine eligibility. The student athlete must maintain a passing grade for the remainder of the term to remain eligible to participate.
  4. If a student athlete serves detention on the day of an activity, practice, or game; he/she may not participate until the detention is completed. Two detentions or one suspension may result in one week off the team and the athlete cannot attend practice. Four detentions or two suspensions may result in removal from the team.
  5. If a team does not abide by the Code of Conduct, the team may forfeit scheduled games.
  6. If a student athlete is having behavioral difficulty, the coach, teacher(s), athletic director and/or principal will determine the student’s participation status on an individual basis.
  7. Student athletes must return clean uniforms at the end of the season. Lost or damaged uniforms must be paid for.

Student spectators may stay after school to watch games only if accompanied by a parent/guardian, or have written permission from a parent/guardian to watch a game with a staff member. Written permission should be given to the homeroom teacher in the morning of the event.

Baldwin Booster Club

The Baldwin Booster Club is responsible for assisting in all sporting activities associated with the Baldwin Middle School.    These include, but are not limited to, working with the Baldwin Middle School Athletic Director on fund raising activities to help offset the costs for all sports teams.