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Samantha Rizer

Student artists from 5th to 8th grade are introduced to a variety of mediums, techniques, and art history.  As they work their way through their four years at DHBMS, they increase the rigor and expectations of their creativity and artistic ability.  An introduction and trial of a variety of materials through the practice of artwork creates a lasting curiosity and understanding of their own personal aesthetic.  Every student is asked to bring only their imagination, curiosity, and individuality to their work.  Students are introduced to the elements and principles of art and design, through which they meet the National Visual Arts standards that are: Create, Present, Respond, and Connect.  These standards are the foundation of their learning in the art room, and students use these techniques on a daily basis.  Visual arts have the ability to teach children involved in them skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness and reasoning, creativity, curiosity, focus, and communication.