SEPAC – Families Making Connections

Families Making Connections –  Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)


Useful Parent Resources:

My Child Has an IEP, Now What?! (Part 1) (Presentation Slides from 5/27/2020)


Next full meeting:
November 19th           1215 pm – 1
at Baldwin Middle School – Pupil Services Conference Room

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Families Making Connections


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CELEBRATING UNIQUENESS:  A short video acknowledging everyone’s “brilliant individual light”:    CLICK HERE  

SEPAC By-Laws click here

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CPAC Info for Parents

You Can Learn Anything:   KHAN ACADEMY SITE

The Parent Advocacy Center:  CT PARENT ADVOCACY CENTER 

Ted Talks on education:  LINK

CT Association for the Gifted: LINK

CT Transition Community of Practice: LINK


CT Restraint and Seclusion click here

Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Connecticut:

Procedural Rights

Building A Bridge:

Parent’s Bill of Rights


Families Making Connections – SEPAC Agendas and Minutes:  

Nov. 19, 2019           Agenda

Sept. 18, 2019          Agenda           Minutes

August 21, 2019      Agenda            Minutes

June 25, 2019   ‎       Agenda            Minutes

May 22, 2019           Agenda           Minutes

April 25, 2019          Agenda            Minutes

March 14, 2019        Agenda           Minutes

Feb. 20, 2019           Agenda            Minutes