Grade 5 & 6 Summer Learning Opportunities

Summer 2019 Learning Opportunities

There are three different ways for your child to continue their learning adventures over the summer months. All students in the school (and across the state) are encouraged to participate in the Reading Challenge and Math Challenge. Those programs support the continued act of reading for all children and the continued use of developing math skills by using Khan Academy programming. There are parent letters, suggested reading title lists, and activity logs accessible below. Additionally, students at the Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School are asked to complete a Summer Reading project (Grade 5: Bridge to Terabithia and Grade 6: The Watsons Go to Birmingham) and those expectations sheets are below as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school as needed.

Grade 5 Summer Math Challenge Letter June 2019

Grade 5 Summer Reading Letter June 2019

Grade 6 Summer Math Challenge Letter June 2019

Grade 6 Summer Reading Letter June 2019

Summer Reading Challenge Parent Letter

Summer Reading_Grades 5&6 Suggested Titles